• This past Sunday we witnessed another miracle as Gabriel getting his sins washed away! Gabriel is a 21 year old student from Singapore completing his Bachelor's in film. Brandon, a UTS disciple, was evangelising and met Gabriel's flatmate. His flatmate introduced Brandon to Gabriel that very next we[...]
  • God has done great things among us! This Sunday we witnessed two modern day miracles as James and Michelle were baptised!James, an Australian, who is currently studying at Macquarie University. About a year and half ago he lost his vision due to a rare genetic disorder. He was met on campus about tw[...]
  • It has been nothing but a victorious weekend in Sydney as we welcomed Carlos and Lucy from Mexico City to speak at our Women's and Men's day. This is the third year that we hosted Women's Day. The momentum and hard work has really paid off as 27 sisters had 80 women in attendance including mothers a[...]
  • Greetings from New York City, Moscow, Manila, Honolulu and Los Angeles! Highlights of my month-long Missionary Journey included witnessing the moving "good confession" of Ali – our sixth disciple at Columbia University, an Ivy League College in New York City! In Moscow, almost 250 disciples ga[...]
  • This past Sunday Praise from Nigeria got baptised. Praise is a student at Macquarie University and is doing his Master's degree in Environmental Management. Praise was initially invited out by his friend Effie who recently became a disciple in Sydney. Despite growing up in a religious environment, P[...]
  • David has proven that time and distance are no obstacles when it comes to changing your life for Jesus Christ. This 19 year old full-time student travels up to two hours to come to bible studies and church events, truly exemplifying a God seeker. With the fear of God and hope of the Cross, David mad[...]
  • Greetings from Orlando, Lagos and Los Angeles! It has been a very exciting and historic month since our last Good News Email on March 26th! Not only have Elena & I been encouraged by visiting the incredible Orlando and Lagos Churches, but history was made as John Causey – arguably the most[...]
  • Mel, an incredible Australian girl, was baptised at our African service this past Sunday! Mel studies security studies at Macquarie University and has an incredible heart for people and God. As soon as she started studying with the girls in Macquarie, her convictions were firmly established in the w[...]
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