• What an amazing Sunday in Sydney as two young men were added to the Kingdom of God!Wayne, who is a Chinese student currently studying at University of New South Wales. Just in five weeks, Wayne came from a unbelieving background to have this strong faith in God. Since he started studying the bible, [...]
  •  This past Sunday Tinashe from Zimbabwa was baptised into the Kingdom of God. Our sisters, Themis and Jess, met him on Macquarie University campus two months ago. Tinashe, a young man with a very humble spirit, studied the Bible for a month and made the courageous decision to make Jesus his Lor[...]
  • Greetings from beautiful Los Angeles! The exciting theme of the 2017 CAICC Winter Workshop – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD – is becoming a reality! One of the most thrilling aspects of the SoldOut Movement's YEAR OF THE IMPOSSIBLE is the sending out at the 2017 Global Leadership Confere[...]
  • Not only did we have our Chinese New Year celebration last week but also this past Sunday we had the our 3rd anniversary service. We saw the fruit of the hard work this year accumulating with Mark (aka 2-pack) getting baptised. From one month ago with no belief in God, Mark joined us 10 days ago for[...]
  • Happy Chinese New Year from Sydney, Australia! The Sydney church had its annual Chinese New Year Service this past Sunday and there were 86 people in attendance! We had the privilege of getting a taste of what is to come this year - the final Crown of Thorns planting in Hong Kong. Every part of the [...]
  • “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37) The inspirational theme for the SoldOut Movement for 2017 is The Year Of The Impossible! Therefore, the title for this year’s Winter Workshop is NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! It has been one year since our dear father and mother in th[...]
  • More Good news for the Kingdom of God!Recently we have had an amazing young lady, by the name of Jasmin, get baptised.Jasmin was met by Brandon at the University of Technology in Sydney. She has lived quite a tough life and took her time in deciding whether she really wanted to commit her life to se[...]
  • Happy New Year! For the first time, the Annual Global Leadership Conference (GLC) of the SoldOut Movement will be celebrated outside the United States further signifying that we are a worldwide family! The location for the historic 2017 GLC will be Metro Manila, Philippines at the Makati Shangri La [...]
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