• Mel, an incredible Australian girl, was baptised at our African service this past Sunday! Mel studies security studies at Macquarie University and has an incredible heart for people and God. As soon as she started studying with the girls in Macquarie, her convictions were firmly established in the w[...]
  • Jade (Jie Tang) from Shenzhen, China was baptised! She is currently studying at University of New South Wales. Jade is an amazing young woman who has a genuine love for God. When studying the Bible, she developed a strong conviction to seek first the Kingdom by rearranging the priorities in her life[...]
  • Guest Editorial: John Causey Editor’s note from Kip McKean: First and foremost, I hold John Causey to be a very dear brother and friend. So it gives me unfathomable joy to share with you that John and Emma Causey officially placed membership in the City of Angels ICC on April 9, 2017, thus joi[...]
  • Following a very special and eventful midweek Church Service in the East Region of Sydney, we saw another brother get baptised into God’s Kingdom. Jason was influenced by his grandmother to pursue Christianity when he was 19. Shortly after arriving in Sydney from China, Jason met our brother, Aaron [...]
  • This past Sunday two miracles happened in the Sydney International Christian Church as two women were baptised into Christ on the same day! Audrey was baptised this passed Sunday into God's Kingdom! She is studying on exchange at Macquarie University from Chicago. God has worked powerfully in her[...]
  • Greetings from Mexico City, São Paulo and San Francisco! Five weeks ago on February 9-12th, Elena & I had the privilege to participate in the 2017 Latin American Missions Conference in Mexico City whose exciting theme was EL REINO (THE KINGDOM)!
  • Unlike many Chinese, Anna, although raised in China, began going to church when she was ten with her mom. Her gentle and quiet spirit brought us joy when the sisters studied the Bible with her, but what blew them away was her conviction in line with her love for God. From the Bible studies she quick[...]
  • What an amazing Sunday in Sydney as two young men were added to the Kingdom of God!Wayne, who is a Chinese student currently studying at University of New South Wales. Just in five weeks, Wayne came from a unbelieving background to have this strong faith in God. Since he started studying the bible, [...]
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