Wayne and Dune are Baptised!

What an amazing Sunday in Sydney as two young men were added to the Kingdom of God!

Wayne, who is a Chinese student currently studying at University of New South Wales. Just in five weeks, Wayne came from a unbelieving background to have this strong faith in God. Since he started studying the bible, he’s been attending all church events including our annual all-night prayer, and prayed with the disciples often. He came to every study with an attitude of “seeking God with all his heart” by having a list of questions. After the last Bible study, Wayne prayed for three hours and decided to make Jesus Lord of his life!

Dune, a Chinese student from Shanghai, China, was baptised. Growing up in an atheistic country, Dune has always believed in the existence of a God. Dune eagerly studied the bible and made the decision to give up everything for Christ after he realised the purpose of his life! Dune is a true “God seeker” and even declaring at a midweek service “now I know I come to find God… even if you have no food, I will still come to bible talk.”

We can’t wait to see the great things God will use these two young men to do for His Kingdom!