James And Michelle Are Added to God’s Kingdom!

God has done great things among us! This Sunday we witnessed two modern day miracles as James and Michelle were baptised!

James, an Australian, who is currently studying at Macquarie University. About a year and half ago he lost his vision due to a rare genetic disorder. He was met on campus about two months ago by one of our sisters. He’s been coming to Bible Talk, Sunday church, and studying the Bible to find out the truth. After all the Bible studies, he made the decision to make Jesus his Lord and Savior! We’re amazed by his faith and James is an inspiration to many of us. Our prayer is God will use him to do great things!

Michelle is an Australian born Korean studying architecture at the University of Sydney. As soon as she was met on campus, she devoted herself to discovering the truth in the Bible. The sisters in the West Region were blown away by her amazing faith and eagerness to seek God with all her heart. At her baptism, her mom was there to witness this miracle. We are thrilled to welcome Michelle into the Kingdom of God and see all the great things that God will do through her!