Tessa and Sam are Added to God’s Kingdom!

This week the Lord has added two souls to the Sydney Church! Tessa, a 22 year old from New Zealand, was brought along by Sam (now also a disciple) whom she was dating before she become a disciple. Tessa studied over a period of one month, she took on every challenge she was given with a pure and willing heart. She comes from a very challenging background as many people do but her love for God and the bible, as well as a longing for a better life were evident through her actions. We are all glad to have her and excited to see what God will do in her life, and for the people of New Zealand.

It was an emotional Sunday in God’s kingdom for those in attendance as we witnessed the baptism of Sameli Michael Siulepa. Sam, born and raised in New Zealand, has been studying the bible for about two months and has overcome challenge after challenge. Sam has developed such a strong conviction for God and decided to make Jesus his Lord. His testimony before baptism moved everyone’s heart when he inspired two of his best friends that he won’t give up on them until they become disciples of Jesus. We look forward to all the great things God will use Sam to do!

Let us welcome Tessa and Sam to the Kingdom!