Campus Ministry

Welcome to the Sydney International Christian Church Campus Ministry! University is a time when many young people are starting new chapters in their lives to discover their passions and who they are! Our goal is to help students channel their passions into their studies by teaching them to focus on God! We hold weekly, informal Bible discussions on the following University campuses: University of Sydney, Macquarie Uni, UTS, TAFE Ultimo and UNSW! Not only do we have these discussions, but we also offer personal Bible studies for individual students at any time of the week! Our students always look forward to our weekly Friday Night Bible Discussions after a long week of Uni as we provide them with free BBQ’s, games and a place to relax! The best part is that everyone gets to build and share in many great relationships that make Uni more than worthwhile! If you have any questions or are interested in attending any of our events, feel free to contact us at 0452 421 213 or email us at  


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