Women’s Day 2017


Happiness is something that every woman desires. We look for it in relationships, careers, family, and life experiences and yet never feel as though we have completely attained it. Most of us crave for real freedom. We search for peace and happiness but often in the wrong places. God promises to “give us life, and life to the full.” Thousands of women have found true happiness through a relationship with God; overcoming life’s obstacles with a new perspective, hope, and a deep sincere joy. Please join us as we come together as women for a fun and memorable afternoon of food, testimonies, raffles, and performances. As we are all seeking to find true meaning and fulfillment in our lives we hope that this day will inspire and motivate you to find what you are looking for.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Lucy Mejía, Women’s Ministry Leader in the Mexico City International Christian Church. Lucy has been a  Christian for over 20 years and a missionary for the past 8 years in the united states, chile and now Mexico City. She is passionate aboutthe role of women in the church and has been the keynote speaker for women’s confrences all over the world. She, together with her husband Calos Mejia, lead the Mexico City International Christian Church

 DATE: May 27th, 2017 

TIME: 2pm-5pm

LOCATION: 826 George st. Chippendale, NSW 2008