Bible Talks


– Sydney Uni “S.Y.D.” Bible Talk Friday @ 7:00pm 5/108 Norton Street, Leichhardt

– Sydney Uni Campus Bible Talk Wednesday @ 12:30pm on Manning House Level 1

– Sydney Uni Women’s Bible Talk Friday @ 12.30pm Manning House Level 1 Sydney University, NSW

– UTS “SOUL” Bible Talk Friday @ 7:00pm  90 Old Canterbury Road, Lewisham

– UTS Campus Bible Talk Thursday @ 11:30pm Courtyard, UTS Building 1 Level 3

– UNSW Campus Bible Talk Wednesday @ 1:00pm Library Lawn by Nelson Mandela Statue

– Maroubra “The ROCK” Bible Talk Friday @ 7:00pm 6/770 Anzac Parade, Maroubra

– Kensington “Beast in the East” Bible Talk Friday @ 7:00pm 12/6 Duke St, Kensington

– Zetland Bible Talk Friday @ 7:00pm 7/5 Samuel Terry Avenue, Kensington

– UNSW “Triple F” Bible Talk Friday @ 7:00pm 4/26 Addison Street, Kensington

– Macquarie Campus Bible Talk Wednesday @ 1pm Macquarie Central Courtyard

– Macquarie “Northern Lights” Bible Talk Friday @7:00pm  65/6-8 Nile Close, Marsfield

– Macquarie “The Watchmen” Bible Talk Friday @7:00pm 60/6-8 Nile Close, Marsfield

We also have very intimate and personal Bible Talk discussion groups that encourage interactivity, and discussion.